Courtney Hill’s Journey with Love and Creativity

Words and Art by Courtney Hill

I actually didn’t explore art much until I was introduced to film photography as a freshman in high school. That class—with all of the technical knowledge of film development—posed a real challenge for me, but I wanted to explore more; I jumped at the opportunity to add digital photography classes to my schedule. 

From there, my teacher helped open my eyes to the various subject matter and editing choices I could explore without the fear of ruining and wasting film, which hindered me at the time. I focused primarily on portraits and landscapes, and fell in love with macro photography. This actually became the topic of my high school senior research project! 

My time in college fostered development in my computer skills and my eye for design. There was a great sense of companionship amongst my small class size where I enjoyed sessions of critique and revision. The creative journey of bringing a concept to life, starting from a single sketch (whether for a logo, a brochure layout, etc.), really inspired me to explore the untapped potential in the tools at my disposal; from the computer programs like those offered by Adobe, experimenting with fonts, and more. It was a well of knowledge in which I was eager to keep diving beyond simply obtaining my degree. 

After graduation, I started dabbling in freelance graphic design jobs, and sharing my work online, including my photography, photo restorations, and other artistic experimentations. I began titling my work online under the name “Courtney Lee Designs.” I continued to evolve, eventually discovering digital art. My vision to carry on Courtney Lee Designs as my own art phenomenon was the fuel to my fire.

I’ve worked hard to develop a signature style that separates me from other artists. It’s an experimental use of color unlike any other. I am the creator of a unique and versatile art style, full of rainbows and all things abstract and colorful. I’ve grown a steady collection of works that represent and advocate for modern artists, women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and more. My brand and online presence has grown exponentially in recent years, and I’ve even begun attending a number of in-person events and showcases in the Rochester area. A boost in art donations and art licensing opportunities have also exposed me to new venues and audiences. I am a current member of the Brockport Artists’ Guild, and also work with local businesses on graphic design projects.

I am on Facebook, Instagram (@_courtneyleedesigns_), and TikTok (@courtneyleedesigns) most actively, where you can find and order all the latest and greatest content and projects I am working on. Check out my website at to find a more extensive look at my current portfolio, recent and upcoming showcases of my work, and order commissions (the last being quite popular). I appreciate all of the support and opportunities to connect with people!



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