Budding Artist: Gillian Coyle


 Who are you?

I am a disabled artist and at-home fur mom. I believe I was sent here as a person to bring more compassion to the world and hopefully change it in positive through art. My main goal is to change Rochester. 

I’m just a person who does art and hopes it impacts the world.

How did you get started with art?

I have always communicated through art and drawing. It started out with your usual paper and pencil. Then I saw people who were drawing fan art. I wanted to do that, so I just figured it out. When I was 16, I got my first Wacom pad, and then when the iPads came out, it just really took off. In 2019, a friend talked me into picking up a paintbrush and I’ve loved acrylic ever since then. 

PULL QUOTE: Art has always been a journey in my life. It’s always been there. 

What is your favorite type of art to consume?

Animation because that’s what my dream job when I was a kid. I’m also drawn to any type of comic, because I pull a lot of my style from that. I think one thing that we don’t see done that often is someone painting a manga character. I think it’s an interesting combination. 

How has your interaction been with the Rochester art community?

I went from not being in it at all to just waking up one day and being in it. It’s a different level to see pictures of people with my art. As much as it’s every artist’s dream to branch out to the whole world, it’s really important for me to impact Rochester specifically. It’s a great place, but it’s still got a long way to go. There are still parts of it that need a lot of love and people that need a lot of love. I believe a great way to do that is through art. 

Where can people find your art?

You’ll find all of my art, including some upcoming new art, on Instagram! I took a break for about a month because mental health is important. Art is love and art is life, but don’t ever let it get to the point of stressing you out. If you need a mental break, try something else. Step away and you’ll regain your passion.



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